My Starbucks Story videos

Starbucks is asking its partners (employees) to make short videos about their day-to-day life at Starbucks. Love it. The company will share these videos online at www.MyStarbucksStory.com. Again, love it.

 My Starbucks Story videos

Early in 2008 Starbucks did a two-minute documentary on Young Han, a Starbucks barista, talking about his “Got Milk” photo shoot and his appreciation for the Starbucks Coffee Company. The video was posted on YouTube for everyone to see. (However, the video is no longer available.)

In a post
from Feb. 2008
I mentioned how this video "works great as a
recruitment video. Not slick. Not scripted. Just genuine moments and
…"  I also
mentioned how Starbucks should STRONGLY CONSIDER encouraging its young and
talented workforce to post videos of why they feel a connection to Starbucks
similar to the brilliant Deloitte & Touche Film Fest idea.

More ideas
from Starbucks empowering its talented workforce to showcase personality will
go a long way in not just helping recruiting new employees but also in
recruiting some lost customers to believe in the company again.


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